About Awespic

What is Awespic?

Awespic Property Maintenance is a Jamaican company owned and operated by Jamaicans who understand the Jamaican culture of cleanliness and tidiness. We have therefore developed a suite of cleaning and landscaping services to meet the needs of residential and commercial clients who are willing to outsource cleaning and landscaping jobs.
We seek to do business with clients who share our core values of professionalism, quality, and care for the environment.
At Awespic we have a keen understanding of how our processes and procedures can affect the environment and we have inculcated environmental best practices in our procedures to ensure we protect the environment. As much as possible we use organic methods of fertilization for your plants, we use eco-friendly cleaners; we reuse organic waste produced from our procedures etc.

Our Mission:

To provide property maintenance services across a wide range of disciplines to commercial and residential clients across Jamaica and the world at a hallmark of professionalism, quality and with environmentally friendly processes.

Our Vision:

To be the property maintenance company that is recognized for environmental best practices, professionalism, and quality services worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

Key to upholding our core values are our staff. We hire and train staff for customer service, skill, professionalism and environmental awareness. All staff members are vetted by doing thorough background checks.
Awespic Property Maintenance has worked in several residential communities and commercial enterprises including the Aviary, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Twin Palms Estate, Green Acres to name a few.
One of our core value is quality. Staying true to this value means we pay keen attention to customer needs, we understand that each job requires its own process of detailing and pay special attention to identifying what those details are. We hereby ensure that customers are pleased before we close our jobs and if necessary will have our staff return to do detailing work completely free.
Awespic Property Maintenance was started two years ago by a group of university graduates skilled in Chemistry, Agriculture, Business Administration and Environmental Conservation. Leading the team is Chief Executive Officer Mark Constable and his wife Co-ChiefExecutive Officer Roxanne Nelson-Constable.

The Team

Left to Right: Hakeem Stephenson (Technician), Tavaun Wilson (Operations Manager), Mark Constable (CEO), Roxanne Constable (CoCEO) & Tashauna Lawrence (Technician) 

Professional Service

Office and House Cleaning

Nobody likes moving. However it is something we have to do at some point in our lives, whether it is a new office space, new apartment or just rearranging our current space for a new look. Cleaning is an essential part of moving, let Awespic Property Maintenance take the hassle off your shoulders.

Use one of our affiliate moving companies and get a 20% discount on your cleaning job.

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services are skewed toward our residential clients who are single and double story occupants.

Those windows need cleaning and you are unable to reach them. Call us today and we will solve that problem for you.

Landscape Maintenance

We cater to both residential clients who need that occasional landscape sprucing up as well as to commercial clients who require more consistent gardening work to create the perfect ambiance at the places where you spend most of your time, home or work.

Call us to hear today’s special on our Gardening and Landscaping Services

Pre and Post Event Clean Up

Post Construction Clean Ups and Post Event Clean Ups can be strenuous after all the work you put in to make it a success. Leave the cleaning to us and take the time to celebrate your milestone.

Having a wake/set up or a get together of friends or relatives and want to spruce up your space before they arrive? We are only a phone call away.

If your construction contractor is listed as an affiliate you are already discounted 20% of the cost of the job.